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We Buy, Sell & Trade Discs

Read this… Good, got it?  Now go home and fill a bag with all the discs that you:

  1. Received from tournaments and never throw.
  2. Bought and realized your wimpy arm can’t aim properly.
  3. Watched too many Paul McBeth shots on Jomez and thought by buying his discs you could throw 600 feet.
  4. Lie about the above and say that you have to many discs and want to help the community “grow”.

Good, now show up and take our hard earned cash or trade them in for something your arm can handle.

What's your favourite brand?

Who cares?  It’s here.  If not, someone’s going to get a round of beatings!

We spend every day of the week scouring the earth looking for brands from all around the world. Heck just yesterday we had to learn to speak Chinese because our customer Frank decided we had to carry Yikun.

But seriously, we have made it our mission to bring accessibility to as many products from the world to you. Located In Brantford, Ontario our 3000 square feet facility is here to serve. Come on in for a pleasant (and sometimes sarcastic) experience from a group of guys that love the sport.

Meet the founder of True North Disc Golf

Meet Jeff!  Half commentator, half beard.  (At least one half is good)

October 27, 2020

Huge Stock of Infinite Discs Has Arrived

Made by Innova, Infinite Discs has a wide variety of plastics, molds and prints available. Infinite sponsors Drew Gibson, Garrett Gurthie and David Feldberg and we carry their signature discs…
October 27, 2020

New Arrival – Yikun Discs

Yikun has been a leading manufacturer of Ultimate Discs in Asia and has now branched into Disc Golf. With an extremely wide variety of discs to choose from, including some…
October 27, 2020

Viking Discs – Now Available Here!

All the way from Valhalla... err... Finland to your favourite Disc Golf shop! Don't let a bad disc Rune your day, Axe us how to go Berzerker mode on Thor…
October 21, 2020

Disc and Accessory Restock!

Our most recent shipment is filled with various goodies!!! Small and Medium sized Disc BagsZuca AccessoriesMini MarkersDiscs by Latitude 64/Dynamic Discs/DiscmaniaPortable Targets from Innova and MVPStarter Kits by Discmania
October 21, 2020

More Innova has Landed

Hundreds of Innova discs have been restocked on our shelves: Wraiths, Vulcans, Dragons, Rats, Pigs, Leopard3's and many many more. And no, the picture wasn't clickbait. We also got a…
October 21, 2020

Discraft has arrived!

Hades and Buzzzes and Zones OH MY! A massive order has finally landed here in at True North Disc Golf. We just received a nice array of products including Brodie…

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