Pro Team

True North Disc Golf pro team is a joint project between Toplink Disc Golf, TNDG and any other respective sponsors. Meet our 2020 team!

James found himself inspired in the summer of 2016 with an ultimate disc and no idea what he was doing.  It wasn’t long after meeting some locals to show him the way, and a couple of pros to look up to that he was pushing 400 foot sidearms.  James is proud of the progress he’s made and is looking  to obtain a USDGC qualifier and acquire a 990+ rating this year.

Disc Golf was in Casey’s heart since the age of 12.  Only two years later, a laceration to his throwing wrist took him out of the game for 20 years.  After starting back up in 2017, Casey made his way through AM1 and is now playing along side people like Martin Hendel and Clayton Morgan who have helped his game tremendously.  Casey’s goal this season is to consistently play above his rating and work his way to that elusive 1000+ mark.

With 2 Professional Wins, winning Brantford club 5 years in a row and winning the Canadian National Doubles (Am2 division) with his dad, Mark Greentree, Brian should not be underestimated on any disc golf course.  His love for the outdoors and the sport keeps him going and has set a personal goal to place in the top 5 of every tournament he plays.

Martin was a casual player as a teenager when the sport was introduced to him by one of his high school friends.  A huge moment for him was winning his first A Tier at Toronto Island Maple Leaf.  Martin also won the provincials in Peterborough, starting that event by hitting an ace on the first throw of the tournament.  His best moment was being asked to be on Team Innova and his 2020 goal is to bring home a big win from the US.

Jeremy started playing Disc Golf in High School after a brief stint with Ultimate Frisbee.  Once he saw Brodie Smith and Avery Jenkins collaborate, it was Disc Golf full time with no regrets.  Jeremy plays tournaments all over Ontario and New York State with friends and family and loves the sport because it’s a great outdoor activity.  Despite Jeremy’s rating, he still admits to getting tournament jitters and strives to eliminate that and to be more consistent on the putting greens.

When Clayton was about 10 years old, him and his buddies would search for lost ‘Frisbee discs’ in the crick at VA Barry in St Thomas.  Returning those disc to their owners for a small reward would fund variety store visits for junk food.  The unclaimed discs though are what fuelled his passion for the sport and now looks forward to the ace shots that earn some extra money.  Clayton has perfected the backhand throw and tends to favour it whenever possible and is looking forward to hitting some really big events this year.

One half of our amazing commentators.  Check out Justin and Julian Murphy for some very educational and highly entertaining commentary.  After recently winning Provincials two years in a row, Justin has been developing his forehand and backhand throws which still takes a backseat to his putting capabilities.  Just is really looking forward to playing with some of the best this year.


Cam has been playing disc golf for 7 years, professionally for 3.  Cam is known as the ‘forehand wizard’.  He recently won the 2020 Christie Lake Ice Bowl and is looking to win a Major Canadian Title in 2020.

Nick is the dark horse to watch out for.  He’s relatively new to the pro scene, but his love for the outdoors, the challenge and comradery has inspired him to play his heart out.  Nick particularly loves both the physical and mental stimuli provided by disc golf and is an extremely fast learner to knew techniques.  Nicks 2020 goal is to compete in PDGA sanctioned events in the Amateur 50+ division and become a 950+ rated player.

Greg started playing disc golf in 2001 and joined his first league 3 years later on Toronto Island.  He played his first tournament in 2008 at Centennial Park and White Spruce.  After joining the PDGA in 2009 and winning his first tournament in the AM2 division at TIML, Greq quickly moved up the ranks to join the MPO division.  Disc Golf has become more of a lifestyle than a hobby for Greg and is looking to compete in some more A-tier events in 2020.

Sandi started playing Disc Golf in 2011 and was instantly hooked.  Within a few years, she was awarded Rookie of the Year from the PDGA.  Bringing that award home was her personal career highlight to be the first Canadian woman to earn the title.  Sandi also won the AM2 men’s division in Midland, Ontario over 24 other AM2 players.  Sandi’s 2020 goal is to just be proud of her game.

Despite having only started her official tournament in 2015, Colleen has an array of accomplishments under her belt.  She placed third in the Canadian National Championships and was awarded the Kings Cup.  In 2019, Colleen has some very notable firsts including her first A-tier at the Forest City Open alongside Greg Barsby and placing 10 places higher in the Professional Disc Golf World Championship than the previous year.  Colleen is looking forward to touring on a more full time capacity for 2020.


Chantel only started playing Disc Golf a year ago on a whim after seeing some baskets at a park, grabbing some dollar store frisbees and was hooked before she knew it.  Fast forward one year later and Chantel has her first FA2 win and very quickly climbing the ranks.  FPO Division is in her crosshairs for 2021.

One half of our amazing commentators.  Check out Justin and Julian Murphy for some very educational and highly entertaining commentary.

Although Ayden considers himself a competitive person, it’s the social aspect of the sport that drew him into Disc Golf.  He speaks fondly of dad, grandpa and uncles all getting starter sets and playing in the snowy fields.  Ayden love for the sport had him seeking creative ways to play while in school, like setting up lawn chairs as baskets in a wooded area behind his dorm.  His goal this year is to get as much playtime in as possible to continue to improve.

Chris is another relatively new player to the scene.  He’s loving the sport so far and speaks very favourably about how great is is to meet new people and playing new courses.  Chris is fueled by seeing his skills improve; hitting a tight line on the fairway or sinking a put from outside the circle is addictive.  He aspires to try out more new courses and make his mark in more tournaments.