Disc Model:Jiao
Brand: Yikun
Available Plastics:Dragon, Tiger
Regular Price:12.99 to 22.99

Characteristics: The Jiao is a tall, round-topped fairway driver, and the wing dips significantly towards the bottom of the wing, contributing to its high speed turn. Tiger plastic is very soft, pretty standard baseline plastic, while Dragon is tackier and higher quality, with a similar feel to Star.

Similar to: This disc was almost certainly designed to be a direct competitor to Innova’s Leopard, and Yikun has done so very well. It is also similar to the Prodigy F5. While it shares flight characteristics with the MVP Relay, the feel in the hand is much different.

Who it’s for: This is a very beginner friendly disc. Step out of the way, DX Leopard, the Tiger Jiao offers the same flight and feel for a lower price. This is the disc to be picking up for a starter set. If you’re a more experienced player, this disc could offer some nasty hyzer flips, or rollers.

The Yikun Jiao is 15% off from November 11 to November 24, 2021.

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