We’ve been busy building y’all some sweet mystery boxes in preparation for the holidays! Want some new discs, but not sure what you want? Does your spouse love disc golf, but it’s not your thing and you just aren’t sure what to get them? Mystery boxes are a great way to get great discs at lower prices!

We currently offer 3-disc mystery boxes for $55 and 5-disc boxes for $90. The contents of these boxes are GUARANTEED to have a higher total retail value than the cost of the box, and some by a fairly significant margin!

Without spoiling the mystery, here’s a little hint at the contents of the boxes:

3-disc: 1+ premium plastic, 1+ baseline plastic, 1+ “dark horse” brand (not Discraft, Trilogy, Innova, Discmania, but something you could fall in love with but may have never picked it up otherwise).

5-disc: 2+ premium plastic, 1-2 baseline plastic, 2-3 “dark horse” brands.

While the boxes are generated digitally in order to ensure adherence to these parameters and to ensure that the retail value exceeds the price, the boxes are reviewed in order to ensure that you aren’t getting 3 of the exact same colour, or 3 distance drivers. We want these boxes to be exciting, and if you’re disappointed, we’re disappointed.

Does size matter to you? Let us know! We are absolutely open to additional types of boxes. Maybe you want a 2-disc box with only premium. Maybe you want a 10-disc box with an even lower cost per disc! Maybe you want a mystery-box starter set! We can’t know for sure unless you tell us, so give us your feedback and we will aim to satisfy your needs! Come in store, reply to this post or say it on instagram. If you want it, we want to provide it!

The Fine Print

  • Mystery boxes cannot be returned
  • Mystery box contents cannot be returned
  • Mystery boxes are exempt from future sales promotions unless otherwise specified

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