KIND OF DGPT FINALS SPOILERS ALERT, but not spoiling who won.

After Drew Gibson’s putting performance at DGPT finals, it feels right to feature his new (ish) putter!

The Penrose is 15% off from October 21 to November 4, 2021.

Disc Model:Penrose
Available Plastics:OG Base, Soft, Medium, Firm
Drew Gibson Signature Series
Regular Price:$19.99 ($27.99 for Drew Gibson Signature Series)

Characteristics: The Penrose is a beaded putter, with a tall rounded shoulder. The bottom half of the wing is noticeably flat leading up to the bead, despite the rounded nature of the top half. The four plastics are simply varying levels of softness, so whether you prefer soft, hard, or somewhere in between, EV-7 has you covered. When thrown, the Penrose flies straight with a little bit of fade at the end.

Similar to: Prodigy PA3, Innova JK Pro Aviar-X, Dynamic Discs Judge

Who it’s for: If you’re looking to try a new putter, this one is worth a try. EV-7 is going all-in on the putter game, so they’ve put a lot of care into designing the best putters. Picking a putter comes down to feel, and with four different plastics to try, if you like a beaded putter, you’ll probably find a Penrose that feels good for you.

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