The Thoughtspace Praxis is 15% off from Thursday, October 14 to Wednesday, October 20, 2021!

Disc Model:Praxis
Brand:Thoughtspace Athletics
Available Plastics: Ethos, Aura
Regular Price:$29.99

Characteristics: The Praxis is a beadless, flat-topped putter with a rounded shoulder. Given the premium nature of the plastics, the Praxis is best suited as a throwing putter. Both Ethos and Aura are medium softness and tacky with a great durability rating. It feels great forehand and backhand, holds a line, with a consistent slightly stable finish.

Similar to: Flight ratings are similar to the Discraft Luna (but with a slightly flatter top), Kastaplast Reko (but without the microbead), and Discmania P2 (but slightly shallower, premium plastic).

Who it’s for: With premium plastic and top-tier stamps, the Praxis is not your basic, entry-level putter. The Praxis is for a player who wants to pull a disc out of their bag and admire it for a second before throwing it. It’s an incredible throwing putter, holding lines without turning over, and as long as you keep it out of the water, this disc will stay in your bag for a long time.

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