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The Gateway Element is 15% off from Friday, October 8 to Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

Disc Model:Element
Available Plastics:Hemp Blend, Diamond
Price:17.99 – 22.99

Characteristics: The mold is flat-topped and shallow, with a small bead and relatively sharp nose as far as mids go. The shape feels remarkably comfortable in a forehand grip. The Hemp Blend plastic is fairly hard, comparable to MVP’s Electron or Discmania’s Exo, while Diamond is gummier and more pliable, similar to Innova’s Star.

Similar To: The Element is a straight flying mid, sharing flight ratings with the ever-popular Discraft Buzzz and Axiom Hex.

Who It’s For: This disc could fit in anyone’s bag. A straight flying mid is absolutely essential. For an experienced player, this disc will allow you to shape lines through the woods. For a beginner, this is a great way to get a straight shot without having to perfect your form or generate a lot of power. If you’re building a starter set, this is a great option for your midrange. If you picked up a basic starter set and are looking to upgrade to a more premium plastic, the Element in Diamond is a great option.

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