James Conrad World Champion commemorative Envies are available!

After James Conrad made the greatest shot in the history of disc golf on hole 18 of Worlds to force a playoff, which he won to become the world champion, MVP designed and released this limited edition Envy to commemorate the events.

Released exclusively in blue and yellow Electron Firm plastic, this putter holds a line but finishes with the consistent stability that has had generations of players raving about the Envy.

We have also restocked Envies in other plastics and colour combinations!


Designed by World Champion James Conrad according to his specifications, this is a deep, slightly beaded putter, available in Electron Soft, Medium, and Firm plastics. It feels pretty similar to the Dynamic Discs Judge, the Discmania Link, and the Discraft Challenger.

Available with the limited edition stamp and the stock stamp!

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