The number one type of disc we get asked for by our customers is “Something that flies straight”. We’ve got you covered with this weeks Featured Disc, the Rune by Viking!

Disc Model: Rune
Brand: Viking
Available Plastics: Ground, Armor, Storm
Price: From $14.99
Speed: 2
Glide: 4
Turn: 0
Fade: 0

Characteristics: The plastic type makes a drastic difference on the Rune. Ground plastic is extremely flat where Armor and Storm have a sizable dome. The Rune is a rather deep, beaded putter with a really nicely rounded rim.

Similar To: Innova Aviar Classic or Innova Dart. The rune is a super straight flying disc, even when overthrown.

Who It’s For: Most beginners ask us for “discs that fly straight”. Although there are many that do that in a professionals hands, very few fit that description for newer players. Discs like the Rune are the exception to the rule and also make great driving putters inside inexperienced hands. The Rune is less effective for “push putting” and does need a little spin to get the real value of that straight flight.

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