This week we’re featuring an explosive putter that is sure to be noticed: the C4 by Arsenal Discs!

Disc Model: C4
Brand: Arsenal Discs
Available Plastics: SG
Price: From $14.99
Speed: 3
Glide: 3
Turn: -1
Fade: 1

Characteristics: The C4 has a very flat top almost from edge to edge. The rim has a rounded nose and a deep rim; similar to that of an Innova Polecat but with more of a concaved curve. The overall shape of this disc is most similar to a West Side Harp or Discmania Tactic.

Similar To: ??? I’d like to invite some conversation about this one. The initial run of the C4 had zero turn, but the updated version we carry has a -1 turn and the flight path is indicative of that too. The closest comparison in terms of flight is probably best described as a shorter version of a Discmania Origin (5/5/-1/1). If you’ve thrown a C4, we’d love to hear from you in the comments what putter you think this is most similar to.

Who It’s For: The C4 has beginner written all over it. Because the majority of new players tend to seek out stable and understable flying discs at the start, the C4 fits that to a T. This is actually one of 3 putters I personally keep in my bag for a few reasons: 1) It makes a great driving putter. 2) This is the best roller disc I have in my bag… it does not want to fall over very easily. 3) I tend to favour beaded putters because they provide a consistent tactile place to rest my index finger, and although the C4 does not have a bead, the deep concaved rim provides the most comfortable grip of any putter I have ever thrown.

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