We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Mystery Box launch, both from players excited to see them available as well as those who have opened their boxes and were pleased with what they found inside.

More so though, we have received a LOT of questions about the mystery boxes so we wanted to take the time to post those answers here for you.

  • What kind of discs could I find in a mystery box?
    • It’s a mystery box, so if it’s a disc we’ve ever had in stock, it’s possible to find it.
  • Will I find discs I’ve never heard of in my mystery box?
    • We hope so, that’s part of the fun. There are so many discs on the market that don’t have a huge following because the branding wasn’t able to get in your face like a disc thrown by Paul McBeth or Paige Peirce, yet those discs could be your next favorite.
  • On my last one, I got a putter, mid and a driver. Is that standard with all mystery boxes?
    • It’s a mystery box, so that’s certainly possible, but one box does not make the rule. I would not suggest buying a mystery box in lieu of a starter pack, they are not the same thing.
  • Is it worth the price?
    • The value of the contents will always exceed the purchase price. But it’s a mystery box, you’ll never know until you open one.
  • If the contents are worth more than the box, why sell a Mystery Box at all if it’s worth more money to sell them individually?
    • Two major answers to that one, but both revolve around the fact that money isn’t really our driving factor here:
      • First and foremost, it’s a fun idea and was very heavily requested by our customers. We’ve always strived toward providing products that are requested for us to sell and we’ll never change that mindset.
      • We’ve specifically stated that each box will include at least 1 disc from a brand with lesser market share than companies like Innova, Discraft, Discmania and Trilogy. The number of quality discs that exist on the market that aren’t a first thought to purchase is extremely high, yet those discs are amazing. We expect that you will probably be excited about one disc when you open the box, but you will fall in love with something else when you start throwing it.
  • Aside from the rough guidelines of what would be in the box in terms of plastics, do you do anything else that’s special when picking the discs for a Mystery Box?
    • Yes, but not enough to call it a ‘rule’. We attempt to avoid making a box all one colour of discs. We try to do the same thing with brands, but we’re a little less sticky about that if the discs are good. Additionally, unless one is a specialty disc of some kind, we try to avoid putting more than one putter in a box. The most important thing we do when building boxes is before we pack each box, we take a step back and look at the discs going in and objectively ask ourselves “If I opened this box, would I be happy?” If the answer is no, then we adjust until the answer is yes. We’re players here too, and the goal is to make something fun that is also a good value.
  • Could I find a Tilt in a mystery box?
    • It’s a mystery box.
  • Ok, but seriously… Did you guys put any Tilts in your mystery boxes?
    • If I answered, that would ruin the mystery.
  • So if I were to ask you if there could possibly be Tilts in a mystery box, would your answer to that question be the same as your answer to this one?
    • *scratches head* Yes? No?
  • Which box has a Tilt in it?
    • I feel bamboozled. Let’s just call them all Schrödinger’s Tilt. Every box both HAS and DOES NOT HAVE a Tilt in them. You’ll have to open a box to find out for sure.

Why are there so many questions about a mystery box? You’ll have to open one to know the answer, which will be different every time.

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