Anyone who follows the disc golf press about new disc releases and the big “up and coming” products will have heard of Thoughtspace Athletics by this point. Known for their beautiful artwork and multi-stamped discs, Thoughtspace Athletics only releases limited runs with some of the most desirable molds on the market. They make a disc that everyone should have two of; one in the bag and one hanging on the wall.

Disc Model: Mantra
Brand: Thoughtspace Atheletics
Available Plastics: Ethereal, Ethos, Glow
Price: From $29.99
Speed: 9
Glide: 6
Turn: -2
Fade: 1

Characteristics: From the inside of the rim wall to the center, the Mantra is quite flat but curves comfortably over the rim edge. The very subtly concave underside of the rim comes to a very soft but noticeable point as it meets the outer edge without being sharp. It should also be noted that the Glow version of the Mantra is certainly a contender for the top 5 in how well it holds and emits the glow.

Similar To: Innova Valkyrie, Kastaplast Falk and Gateway Assassin. All three of those discs feel completely different in the hand than the Mantra but follow a similar flight path. The Innova Valkyrie is the closest of the three but has sharper edges than the mantra and is more concaved under the rim.

Who It’s For: Anyone capable of throwing a 9 speed will easily find a spot in their bag for the Mantra if they like discs with a bit of turn on them. Newer players looking to getting into something faster than their Leopard/Leopard3 will find the Mantra is an excellent older sibling to discs of that caliber. The whole lineup by Thoughtspace Athletics is something I could even see a non-disc golfer using as a piece of art.

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