Understable mid-ranges are growing in popularity with the vast number of new players getting into disc golf as of late, so we decided to feature a disc that still has new player value but also lends itself well to the experienced crowd as well.

Disc Model: Svea
Brand: Kastaplast
Available Plastics: K1, Glow
Price: From $28.99
Speed: 5
Glide: 6
Turn: -1
Fade: 0

Characteristics: The Svea sports a moderate sized domed top with an extremely smooth rim both on sides and underneath, which is somewhat unusual for the concaved underside. It’s not an overly deep disc for being a mid and lacks any sharp edges.

Similar To: Innova Wombat, Dynamic Discs Evidence and RPM Piwakawaka. The Wombat and Piwakawaka are the two closer comparisons as they fly pretty much identical. The Evidence has a similar flight path but is just a little less glidy than the Svea.

Who It’s For: The Svea is a pretty straight flying disc that is only marginally affected by it’s turn. The major perk to this over something with zero turn and fade like the Mako3 or Anubis is the additional glide which offers a little more versatility in throws. Perfect for new and experienced players alike, the Svea fits in anyones bag.

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