Today we’re featuring Infinite Discs again and with good reason. With the flight characteristics matching a popular Discraft mold that is next to impossible to find right now, this is a must-read.

Disc Model: Sphinx
Brand: Infinite Discs
Available Plastics: I-Blend, G-Blend
Price: From $22.99
Speed: 9
Glide: 6
Turn: -3
Fade: 1

Characteristics: The Sphinx sports a very consistently rounded top from edge to edge with a subtle convex under the rim. The I-Blend also does have a slightly more pronounced dome compared to the G-Blend.

Similar To: Discraft Heat – This is one of those rare occasions where comparing flight numbers from one brand to another actually make sense as the flight path is identical to the Sphinx. If you’re looking for a glidy, understable fairway driver, this is it!

Who It’s For: The Sphinx is a perfect example of a disc that’s great for everyone for different reasons. Newer players who are still developing their technique will find the fade makes the Sphinx finish relatively center to their throw. Intermediate players will get that nice hook to the right (when throwing RHBH) before a gentle fade. Experienced players will find a multitude of uses including being able to turn the Sphinx over for some really unique shots.

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