Today we’re featuring an overstable fairway by Prodigy; the FX-2, co-created by Chris Dickerson.

Disc Model: FX-2
Brand: Prodigy
Available Plastics: 400, 400G, 500, 750
Price: From $22.99
Speed: 9
Glide: 4
Turn: -1
Fade: 3

Characteristics: The FX-2 is a very flat topped disc with a fine pointed nose. The concave underside of the disc comes to a very dramatic point at the rim wall.

Similar To: The FX-2 is a great gap-filler between the Raptor and Undertaker by Discraft – Not as overstable as the Raptor and more overstable than the Undertaker; the FX-2 is an exceptional disc fits nicely between those two. For those of you familiar with Dynamic Discs, the flight characteristics are extremely close to that of the Convict.

Who It’s For: With the sharp edge under the disc, the FX-2 will likely find greater comfort to players who through forehand shots or backhanders who tend to roll their fingers into the rim wall more. Intermediate to experienced players will have no problems finding a place for the FX-2 in their bag. Newer players should give this disc a try as they start throwing more overstable discs. With the FX-2 flying similar to a shorter ranged Destroyer by Innova, it’s a great learning tool to see what some of the fasters discs will look like on a less punishing scale.

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