Our feature disc today is an approach/putter from the guys at Prodiscus in Finland.

Disc Model: Jokeri
Brand: Prodiscus
Available Plastics: Basic, Durable, Premium
Price: From $18.99
Speed: 4
Glide: 3
Turn: 0
Fade: 2

Characteristics: The Jokeri has a very flat top with a nice round edge on the upper side of the rim and a very flat and beadless underside.

Similar To: Westside Harp, Discmania Tactic and Discraft Zone – Although the hook at the end of the flight on the Jokeri isn’t quite as pronounced as the above mentioned discs, it’s flight path is closest to those three.

Who It’s For: The Jokeri has multiple uses for all different player skill levels, but it really shines as a utility disc. If you put a little extra power behind it, the Jokeri doesn’t really shank in either direction, making it very beginner friendly. As an approach disc it’s really great for staying close to where it lands instead of travelling too far away from your target to make for an easy layup. Although you can putt with with the Jokeri, a similar feeling disc like a Sensei from Discmania would offer a familiar feel with a considerably straighter flight.

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