Our feature disc today is by a Canadian Brand; Daredevil Discs. Buying local really has it’s advantages, especially when it comes to price!

Disc ModelTimberwolf
BrandDaredevil Discs
Available PlasticsFlex Performance

Characteristics: The Flex Performance plastic from Daredevil really lives up to it’s name by being extremely pliable when you need it to be. The Timberwolf is a relatively flat disc with just a slight curvature towards the rim. The underside of the rim is just a little concaved that comes to a well distinguished point.

Similar To: Innova TL3 – Although the TL3 is one speed and two glide under the Timberwolf, it’s about the closest comparison in flight characteristics. The Timberwolf is best described as a very straight flying fairway with a little more fade than the flight numbers would suggest.

Who It’s For: The Timberwolf is best suited in the hands of an intermediate to professional player. It’s perfect for those straight and narrow paths between a clearing of trees. It’s also bombs nicely with a good tailwind.

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