Todays feature discs is an easy-to-throw midrange with a premium plastics at a cost that wont leave your wallet crying.

Disc ModelLeviathan
Available PlasticsMaxGrip

Characteristics: The Leviathan has a very shiny, yet grippy feel to the MaxGrip plastic. It has a very gentle dome that fades to a thin, blunt edge and a concave rim underneath.

Similar To: Westside Tursas – Don’t let the flight numbers or the feel of the disc fool you; although both are quite different, it’s the actual flight path that makes these discs relatable.

Who It’s For: This is a phenomenal beginner disc for its easy-to-throw characteristics. This is also great for a player looking for an understable mid-range but doesn’t feel comfortable with something like a Tursas or Stratus.

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