Todays featured disc is the Anubis by Infinite Discs; a straight flying mid-range that fits in any bag.

Disc ModelAnubis
BrandInfinite Discs
Available PlasticsD-Blend, I-Blend, G-Blend, C-Blend
PriceFrom $14.99

Characteristics: – The Anubis has a domed top (that does vary from plastic to plastic) with a nicely rounded edge that flattens out as it curves under the disc.

Similar To: Innova Mako3 – A side-by-side comparison could leave you asking if this is the exact same mold. Couple that with the “Innova” stamp on the bottom and it seems very likely to be the case. The biggest difference between the Anubis and the Mako3 really shines when it comes to the proprietary I-Blend plastic, which feels almost like a cross between Innova Star & Pro plastic.

Who It’s For: Everyone should bag the Anubis. Beginners will love it for it’s very straight flying characteristics, which also makes it a great tool to help show if you’re discs are being released flat as it does hold the release line quite well. Experienced players will generally have a disc for every type of shot in their bag and the Anubis is a great fit for the straight-flying mid-range category.

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