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Disc ModelYan
Available PlasticsTiger, Dragon, Phoenix
PriceFrom $12.99
Yan – Specifications

Characteristics: The Yan is a very slightly understable mid-range that features a domed top that really glides well. The top of the rim is rounded to align with the dome of the disc and then is flattened underneath. The Yan holds both straight and hyzer lines extremely well.

Similar To: Innova Aero – almost completely identical in shape and size with the only difference being that the Aero has a slightly shorter domed top. Flight path and numbers are the same as the Yan.

Who It’s For: This is certainly useable by all skill levels but is uniquely useful to new players due to it’s straight flight path. This is a great disc to learn with as the flight the disc takes will show how level to the ground it was at the point of release.

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