As we continue to expand on products we can offer to the disc golf community, we are constantly looking for more than just Discs and Accessories. With the current Stay at Home order, we’re focusing on bringing in products that allow players to do just that while staying within the realm of the sport they love.


Final Nine is a compact and competitive card game based on the rules, equipment, features, design, fun, and quirks of Disc Golf. It’s a game about making decisions, picking the best DISC, applying SKILL, avoiding TROUBLE, hoping for LUCK, and making the PUTT.

BIRDIE! The Disc Golf Board Game

The First Run BIRDIE! disc golf board game. Wanna play?

As one of the players to step on to the Maple Hill Golds, you have the talent it takes. Improve your skills, get more karma, or a combination of both, and prepare for one of the most challenging disc golf courses on the planet.

On each throw, you decide your level of risk vs reward, what skills to enhance, react to karma that comes your way and throw your shot.

BIRDIE! Expansion 1

According to UDisc, there is one course rated higher than Maple Hill. That course is Jarva. This expansion builds on the base game of BIRDIE! to add more replayability.


When Disc Golf Parks open back up, add a new element to your game with the Disc Golf Magic 8-Ball. Step up to the t-pad, give it a shake and do what the 8-Ball says. It adds a whole new set of challenges that can feel silly at times. You can even use this to give yourself a bit of a handicap when playing with others who may not be at the same skill level as you.

We hope you like the different things we’re bringing into the store. This was a fun one for us, as most of us here are already tabletop game enthusiasts and it’s really neat to see two things we love combined into one simple thing that can be played with your family.

If there is anything else you’d like to see us bring in to the store, drop us a line on here. Leave a comment and we’ll bring it in.

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