In an effort to support the “Stay at Home” order and promote exercising in a safe environment, we’ve put together a package to let Disc Golfers have fun, stay in shape and practice their putting without breaking the bank.

During lockdown and while supplies last, you can purchase any qualifying basket (and we have quite a few to choose from) and get any number of putters at a discounted 20% off (That’s 20% off the putters AND the basket). Build your own custom Putter Pack with over 100 different putters in stock to choose from.

Qualifying Basket Options (Retail prices showing and will be reduced by 20% at the register):

  • Dynamic Disc Marksman Basket ($249.99)
  • Dynamic Disc Recruit Lite with Case ($299.99)
  • Prodigy Mobile Target with Case & 4 Ace P Model Putters ($224.99)
  • Discmania Active Line Target ($249.99) Temporarily Out Of Stock
  • MVP Hive Cross Chain Target ($154.99) Temporarily Out Of Stock
  • MVP Hive Double Chain Target ($169.99) Temporarily Out Of Stock
  • MVP Black Hole with Transit Bag ($349.99)
  • Axiom Pro Basket ($249.99) Temporarily Out Of Stock

With all of the Putter Options, there’s no way we can’t find the perfect disc for you. We have massive quantities of the brand new Penrose by EV-7, Apacas and Myths by Infinite Discs, Jokeris by Prodiscus, Tui and Ruru by RPM, Wizards and Warlocks by Gateway….. The list just goes on and on and on.

Give us a call or stop by the shop for curbside shopping and we’ll bring whatever you’re looking for to the door.

~True North Disc Golf Team

UPDATE – June 11th, 2021: With the sale ending and lockdown officially ended, we wanted to thank the community for supporting us during our closure and taking advantage of our sale. We look forward to seeing you in our shop and on the courses.

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  • Todd Ruhl says:

    I am interested in purchasing a basket for home/portable practice. Do yiu still have those listed in stock?

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