By this point, most players are aware that Discraft has been a difficult brand to shop for since COVID-19 made an impact on disc manufacturing. That challenge has made it difficult for Disc Golf shops like ourselves to provide adequate inventory for the best shopping experience.

After exhausting every other possible solution to fix the supply gap, we have resorted to purchasing products direct from other retailers and collectors across Canada and the US at full retail price or more, in small quantities (as they are also hurting for stock).

This means that although stock will be slowly trickling in, the price for that product may not be palatable for everyone. We had to decide if it was better to have empty shelves of specific products or to have something available at a much higher price. The latter option at least gives our customers a choice if it has to be ‘that specific disc.’

We will still continue to provide professional suggestions on similar discs in other brands in an effort to save you money while also filling that missing slot in your bag. Our sincere hope is that this is only a temporary measure and we fully intent to offer Discraft at a normal pricing structure should the supply chain be corrected.

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