We are extremely excited to be a supporter of a new brand, EV-7! Prodigy Disc co-founder, Phil Arthur, started EV-7 February 2021, stating he wanted to create a line focused on “scoring”. Translation: We’re about to see a full line up of putt and approach discs; the first of which being the Penrose.

This disc is extremely comfortable in the hand with a very small bead and is extremely resistant to turn. Available in four different plastics (OG Soft, OG Medium, OG Firm and OG Base) it’s easy to find the perfect feel. We’re proud to be an early adopter of what we believe is going to be a staple in every bag.

To celebrate the launch of the Penrose, we’re doing something a little special for those interested in giving this putter a real shot. Retailing for $19.99, we are also offering a Putter Pack Deal. FIVE Penrose Putters (You can mix and match plastics and colours if you wish) for only $90!

This offer is available while supplies last, so come in and see what all the fuss is about!

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