About this tournament

Cards will remain the same for the second round to maintain compliancy with COVID restrictions.

FRIENDLY REMINDER | Scheduled tee times will release two days before the tournaments start date. At this time, we will also lock in the seats as we have some special things planned so if you require a refund, please contact us prior to the 11th.

Fescue’s Edge has been gracious enough to allow us to book 34 rounds of disc golf on Feb. 13th.

In the morning before your first tee time, please ensure you’ve checked in with Janice who will take your temperature and ask you some standard screening questions. She will be in front of the clubhouse. She will then forward you to Tyler and Phil who will be by the TD HQ where you will receive your players pack.

Welcome to the True North’s Flash Tournament Showdown! These will be a low notice, high relative cash added one day tournament. These days will use players ratings to determine which division you play in. If you do not currently have a PDGA rating, please select the division you’re most comfortable playing in.

The Flash Tournament Showdown will be a one-day two-round unsanctioned tournament pending C Tier sanctioning with $1500 added to the prize pool. You will be playing on a brand new 18 basket championship level course brought to you by Fescue’s Edge and TNDG.

Each group has been allotted 3.5 hours to finish a single round.

COVID Guidelines:

1. Please wear your mask when you’re not playing your round and on the property. (We recommend wearing a mask during play but it is not required).

2. Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your tee time. Janice will be standing in front of the clubhouse to take your temperature and ask you some screening questions prior to play.

3. Once COVID protocols are completed you will be forwarded to the TD tent to receive your pack and start your round of golf.

4. Please note, due to the nature of the situation we ask that you do your warmup routine at home before you come to the course. We will not be able to operate a practice area.

So we know everyone is prepared, each player will receive a bag that contains:

A.) 1 Mask
B.) 1 Bottle of hand sanitizer
C.) 4 Hand warmers
D.) 2 Scorecards
E.) 1 Pen

The clubhouse will not be open on the day of play. A porta potty will be available on site during this day.

We request that one player on each card keeps track of the groups score on Udisc to speed the admin side of things up. Each remaining player will be responsible for keeping track of their groups score via their own written scorecard. You’re all competing for cash prizes and we require accurate scorecards to make sure that money is paid out correctly. It is REQUIRED of you to hand in your scorecard at the end of your rounds so that we can quickly and efficiently payout your winnings.

Please show up no earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled tee time. Please be at hole 1 no later than 3 minutes before your tee time to ensure the tournament runs smoothly.

When you complete your first round you should go directly to your vehicle. You are also free to leave the venue to grab some lunch as you will be given your scheduled tee times for both rounds in advance. Please note, the clubhouse will not be available on this day.

If you leave the venue, please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your second scheduled tee time.

If you choose to remain in your vehicle, please exit your vehicle no earlier than 10 minutes before your second scheduled tee time.

For those that are competing under professional status all email money transfers will go out on Monday (Feb. 15th). You will receive an email from us the day after the event confirming your preferred e-transfer e-mail address. You will be contacted directly so we know exactly what payment method to use. Please leave the venue after confirming your scorecard from the second round.

For those that are competing under amateur status, Janice will form a line as players complete their rounds and we will calculate the payout for each coloured division as efficiently as possible. You will receive your store credit in the form of a gift card directly at the TD HQ.

Questions? Send me an email at [email redacted]


Tyler Turcotte

Tyler will be available throughout the day to ensure a smooth and professional tournament experience. Please direct any inquiries to Tyler.


Saturday, Feb. 13th

Round One:
8:00am – 1:45pm: All cards will commence play.

Round Two:
11:45am – 5:30pm: All cards will commence play.

5:30pm: Announcements of winners and prize handouts.



TNDG Retail Store Gift Cards (Amateurs)

Available after the second round at the TD HQ located near hole 1. Please note, this gift card is not attached to a single player, and can be used to purchase anything in the store.

E-Transfer (Professional Status)

Available the following Monday on Feb. 15th.

Total Cash Added to prize pool will be divided between each division as follows:

25% | Gold ($375)
15% | Blue ($225)
15% | Red ($225)
15% | White ($225)
15% | Green ($225)
15% | Purple ($225)


True North will payout 50% of the field from each division.

Gold Division: 8 Slots

Player Buy-ins (8x$120) = $960 + $375 = $1335

1st Place – $530
2nd Place – $430
3rd Place – $255
4th Place – $120


Blue Division: 4 Slots

Player Buy-ins (4x$120) = $480 + $225 = $705

1st Place – $405
2nd Place – $300


White Division: 21 Slots

Player Buy-ins (21x$120) = $2520 + $225 = $2745

1st Place – $500
2nd Place – $400
3rd Place – $350
4th Place – $300
5th Place – $250
6th Place – $220
7th Place – $180
8th Place – $155
9th Place – $140
10th Place – $130
11th Place – $120


Red Division: 12 Slots

Player Buy-ins (12x$100) = $1200 + $225 = $1425

1st Place – $415
2nd Place – $315
3rd Place – $250
4th Place – $200
5th Place – $145
6th Place – $100


Green Division: 4 Slots

Player Buy-ins (4x$100) = $400 + $225 = $625

1st Place – $375
2nd Place – $250


Purple Division: 6 Slots

Player Buy-ins (6x$100) = $600 + $225 = $825

1st Place – $400
2nd Place – $300
3rd Place – $125


Refund policy

For refunds or cancellations, please reach out to the Tournament Director in writing at [email redacted]

Please note, if receiving a refund the money will be deposited to you minus the pay pal fee transaction fee of approx $1.34.

Refund policy

Tyler Turcotte is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

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