A huge order just landed here of RPM from New Zealand! Over 3000 discs with every model and plastic available from the manufacturer. Check out the list below for details:

  • Tui (Cosmic, Atomic, Magma and Strata)
  • Ruru (Cosmic, Atomic, Magma and Strata)
  • Piwakawaka (Cosmic, Atomic, Magma and Strata)
  • Kea (Cosmic, Atomic, Magma and Strata)
  • Kahu (Cosmic and Atomic)
  • Kotare (Cosmic, Atomic and Magma)
  • Kiwi (Cosmic, Atomic and Strata)
  • Huia (Cosmic, Atomic and Strata)

In addition that, we also received a whole bunch of Introductory and Premium starter kits. It’s a great time to get your friends playing too with these bundles that provide a quality product with a bundle price.

There are hundreds of each model here with a huge selection of colours and weights to choose from at a price point that’ll make your Holiday Shopping List thank you.

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