We’re just over half way through the contest and the third tier has already been unlocked! Huge shoutout to the community for their support by entering this contest while simultaneously helping to support new players and our store.

This puts to the total prize pool to be drawn at the following items:

  • True North Disc Golf Wizard Putter
  • DareDevil Accessory Pack including a Water Bottle, Towel and Toque
  • Thomas Gilbert Glow Champion Firebird

As an added bonus, we also just received handheld LED Black LIghts, perfect for playing Glow Disc Golf. We’ve added one of those to the Tier C prize pack to compliment the Glow Firebird.

Someone is going to win this huge bundle at the end of the month. All you have to do is sell us the discs you don’t throw anymore and get a virtual ballot entry for each disc sold.

Keep telling your friends too. When we cross the 500 disc threshold, we’ll be adding the very highly sought after Cloudbreaker 2.

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