We have a nice array of prizes that we’re putting up as a prize pool.

How to Enter the Draw:

  1. Sell us your gently used discs.
  2. You will receive a digital ballot for every disc you sell to us.
  3. Tell your friends! The more discs we buy from the community increases the prize pool.
  • Prize Tier A: True North Disc Golf Wizard Putter
  • Prize Tier B: Tier A + Daredevil Toque, Water Bottle and Towel (unlocks at 150+ discs)
  • Prize Tier C: Tier A & B + Thomas Gilbert Glow Champion Firebird (unlocks at 300+ discs)
  • Prize Tier D: Tier A, B & C + Cloudbreaker 2 (Unlocks at 500+ discs)

Check back here often. As soon as another prize tier is unlocked, we’ll post it here!

Contest runs for the month of November, 2020.

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