Hello Everyone,

With the upcoming Canadian disc golf season quickly approaching, it was a pleasure to speak with so many of the TD’s regarding their events. Here at True North Disc Golf we are looking forward to filming your offerings and showing off many of Ontario’s beautiful courses and disc golf events. We are committed to providing all the TD’s we partner with the best opportunity to expose their tournaments and find mutually beneficial ways to work together. Our hope is to connect you with Canadian fans and an ever-growing fan base around the world. 

For those wondering where we will be this year our event schedule is as follows:

Our goal this year is to produce quality coverage of Canadian events alongside professional commentary from our knowledgeable and hilarious commentators, Justin and Julian Murphy. Tournaments when filmed will be posted on the Official True North Disc Golf YouTube channel, promoted on our Website and on our Social Media accounts.

Our YouTube channel can be found here.

You can also expect in some instances additional promotional videos that showcase tertiary projects filmed on location of Canadian events. These can include interviews, promotional videos for the course(s) or sponsorship and player endorsements.

The following is an example of our partnership with Golfnorth to film a promotional video for the provincials of 2019:

In order to provide the best coverage possible, we will be requesting permission from TD’s to fly a drone on event courses for our hole flyovers. If this is something that becomes too paperwork taxing or is simply not possible, we will deploy a gimble camera that can be manually carried to achieve a similar result as a drone. An example of a gimble camera can be seen below:

We are fully trained, insured and operate with a drone under the 250g standard avoiding most FAA restrictions. Given the sheer number of events we’re filming this season, we will default to the gimble camera. In most instances we have found the drone requires a lot of red tape to satisfy local regulations or satisfy liability concerns of park management.

For round one cards we would like to find a balance between showcasing the top talent at the event and new players we have not filmed before. This can include up and comers to look out for, exciting players to watch, etc. Our goal is to capture as many participants and courses while keeping the viewing experience satisfying and competitive. For subsequent rounds our focus is on the lead cards. We are happy to film a fifth player to maximize exposure for event cards if necessary.

We are also looking for any opportunities available to film FPO, MP40+ or AM-1 final round coverage. If for example a two-day event is running and the MP40+, FPO or AM-1 final round coverage is on day two, it would be helpful if you could schedule play separately between the MPO and division you want covered. This will allow us to film both rounds of play and maximize exposure for everyone.

Important information to relay to players:

  1. We require roughly 15 minutes prior to tee-off to film players portraits, introductions and bio information to ensure accuracy in the videos.
  2. Its important players understand they are being filmed, especially if they are on the lead card and we prefer permission to do that.
  3. At the end of events we interview the four highest ranking players of the MPO division as well as the winners of the AM-1, FPO and MP40/MP50 divisions if available. We appreciate this content as it helps connect our viewers with the players so they can get to know them.

It would be of great help to us if you can relay this information in the morning briefing with the players, so they are aware of this and we can focus on filming.

Some quality of life additions we are looking for are Tee-pad Sign PDF files to showcase each individual hole during our hole flyovers. If you have access to these from your local courses, they would be of great help to email them to us ahead of time at info@truenorthdiscgolf.com . We have implemented this in our 2020 Christie Lake footage and are quite pleased with the results. 

Our 2020 season is dedicated to proving to our fans and ourselves we can film and release Ontario disc golf coverage in a quality, timely and professional manner.

At present we are comfortable releasing between 2 and 3 rounds of finished commentated footage per week and hope as the season progresses, we will find additional methods of man power or funding to speed up further.

It is important for everyone to know this project is entirely self funded with approximately three quarters of the labor being donated simply because of how much we all love disc golf. We want to take this moment to thank everyone for supporting our Patreon page, purchasing garments from our online pro shop, shopping in our retail store and supporting our YouTube channel. Without this support we simply would not be able to continue filming and releasing the coverage that we do.

Our other major source of income comes from selling advertising along the way. All sponsors of disc golf events will be recognized at the beginning of every video whether they support us financially or not. This is to encourage and appreciate their donations to the TD’s and for improving the player experience. In addition to this we will be offering paid advertising for companies who wish to market further. We are specifically interested in advertising for family friendly or disc golf companies.

In order to reward and encourage TD’s to assist us with sales and further improve the player experience we are offering commission to all TD’s. The idea behind this is to either offset costs for the event or directly benefit the prize pools to make it more valuable for the players in exchange for the sales.

If you are interested in working with us on this, reach us at info@truenorthdiscgolf.com for more information. You can sell marketing in our videos with the following rate sheet below. A video is defined as one half of one round (front nine or back nine approximately 40 minutes). Also please note that commissions will be paid only on direct referrals from TD’s or event staff. More information is included in the Services section of our website.

  • $100 for a Hole-Flyover in a video with $50 of that payment being given to the TD as commission.
  • $200 for a 15-second commercial in a video with $100 being given to the TD as commission. If you want a commercial filmed for the 15 seconds, reach out to info@truenorthdiscgolf.com. We can discuss this with you in more detail.
  • $500 for title sponsorship which includes their logo in all play during a video, excluding hole-flyovers with $250 being given to the TD as commission. This includes Live action, Disc Trackers and Slow-Motion Replays.

How does payment work?

  1. You sell the advertising to the appropriate sponsor.
  2. You send us the relevant graphics or video for the commercial to info@truenorthdiscgolf.com
  3. You inform us specifically where the graphics/video are intended and get approval from us (Example: Hole 12 Advertisement or Title Sponsorship for front nine, round one).
  4. You collect payment from the sponsor once you have approval from us.
  5. You remit the entire amount less the appropriate commission.
  6. We place the ad in the relevant video requested.

Our rates are exceptionally well priced and designed to reward the TD’s for helping us and to mitigate our expenses in producing the videos. We greatly appreciate your help in this matter, and we will work hard to give paid sponsors good value for their money.

In order to make the filming process as seamless as possible, we will be filming the b-roll and hole flyovers in advance for many of the events without contacting the TD. For most situations, we can handle these things ourselves with little oversight or hassle, however if you feel you need to be involved please reach out to us.

If you have any specific requests, please bring them to our attention and we would be happy to talk with you in more detail. 

As with all things especially on the first season of such a large project everything will not go according to plan. Please note there is a great number of things we are still learning about filming and producing disc golf content. Your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated.

We look forward to working with everyone in the 2020 season! Please feel free to email me as the season progresses, I am more than happy to work with you.

Many Thanks,

Jeff Berda

CEO TrueNorthDiscGolf


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